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Share your work, plans and ideas at DNA24

Present at Developing Northern Australia Conference 2024

Together, DNA24 presenters will highlight the current challenges, the growth opportunities and future plans for northern Australia.

Apply to present

Applications to present close April 11th

What to present at DNA24

Share your research and ideas for Northern Australia

If you are passionate about helping to create a stronger, more prosperous Northern Australia and you have insights and information to share with the sector- please register your interest to apply now.

The conference committee is looking for presents who are ready to share:

1. Research findings, data and information which could help to support the plans to create a strong and sustainable future for the North.

2. Case studies which inspire innovations and solutions across the current obstacles facing growth in the North

3. Insights and research from emerging and traditional industries, including agriculture, aquaculture, biosecurity and defence.

4. Culturally responsive initiatives and solutions which aim to deliver long term success working in partnership with First Nations communities.

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If you’re passionate about working to advance Australia’s North and you have insights to share with the conference delegates – apply now to present at DNA24.  
Presenters come from all areas of government or industry, Northern Australia business, research, commerce, culture and community. Share insights on our core topics;  

What we’ll cover at DNA24

A Vibrant Northern Australia

The current refresh of the Northern Australian Whitepaper gives us all a chance to bolster the entire investment pipeline, from local health capacity building right through to securing the closure and delivery of quality investments that move us forward.
  1. First Nations Self Determination Drives Northern Development

    • Indigenous Leadership and Nation Building
    • Mobilising Economic Opportunity from Land, Sea and Water Rights
    • Genuine and Equity-Based Approaches to Development Partnerships
  2. Knowledge, Skills and Migration for Tomorrow's Success

    • Shaping a Dynamic Workforce and Nurturing Education for Northern Success
    • Indigenous Pathways to Education and Empowerment
    • Shaping Migration Momentum for a Dynamic Future
    • Digital Infrastructure, AI Opportunities and Cybersecurity
  3. Net Zero Horizons: Navigating Climate Risk and Decarbonisation

    • Derisking Investment Pathways for Decarbonised Development
    • Climate Compass: Climate and Environmental Challenges in Northern Australia
    • Energy Frontiers: Bio-energy, Hydrogen and Other Opportunities for Powering the North
  4. Mining and Beyond

    • The Key Role of Mining and Gas in Northern Australia’s Future
    • Unearthing Critical Mineral Opportunities for Sustainable Development
    • Building Strong First Nations Partnerships Through Mining
    • Preparing for the Future: Cradle to Grave Approaches in the Resources Sector
  5. North of North: Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities in the Indo-Pacific Era

    • From One Way Trade to Two Way Relationships 
    • A Lead From First Nations Diplomacy 
    • Shaping the North’s Place in the Indo-Pacific 
    • Geostrategic Issues and Opportunities for the North
  6. Northern Investment Pipelines: Building Our Prosperity Through Strategic Investments

    • Refining Northern Australia’s Investment Pipeline
    • Infrastructure Odyssey: Enabling Infrastructure Foundations for the North
    • Small and Medium Business Drives Community Building
    • Redefining the Northern Narrative through Trade and Tourism
    • Attracting Investment in Research, Development and Innovation
  7. Nature Positive Futures: Nurturing Agriculture, Sustainability and Biosecurity in Northern Australia

    • Landscape Guardians: Traditional Owners and Pastoralists as Ecosystem Service Providers
    • What Bio-regional Planning, EPBC Reforms and Nature Positive Markets Mean for Northern Australia
    • Agriculture’s Proud Place in a Contested Northern Landscape
    • Innovations in Biosecurity for the National Good
  8. Place-Based Solutions: Crafting Northern-Focused Policies for Lasting Impact

    • Empowered Communities and Local Solutions
    • Art, Culture & Food: Building Great Places and Northern Lifestyles 
    • Health and Social Policies: Prioritising Well-being in Northern Australia's Development
    • Tailoring Place-Based Strategies to Meet the Unique Needs of Northern Australia
    • Inclusive Governance Models: Ensuring Local Representation and Participation Development

Presentation Styles

Oral Presentation

Take to the stage and present to the audience in a 15 or 25 minutes speaking session with 5 minutes for questions.

Masterclass Presentation

Keep the attention of attendees via engaging, hands-on learning experience in a 60 minute masterclass.

Panel Presentation

Panel presentations bring together views from a group of presenters into a discussion of innovative ideas, current topics, and relevant issues. Each panel session will run for 60 minutes and will consist of at least 3 panel members.

Poster Presentation

Visually showcase your research or services via a printed poster, displayed in the conference exhibition area for the duration of the conference. A dedicated 30 minute poster session is included in the conference program. Posters also displayed virtually to e-delegates.

Important Dates


Presentation applications open Tuesday 6 February 2024
Presentation applications close Thursday 11 April 2024
Notifications to presenters Thursday 9 May 2024
Acceptances and registrations due Tuesday 14 May 2024
Program launch Thursday 16 May 2024
Scholarships close Friday 12 July 2024
Early bird ends Friday 12 July 2024
Conference dates Monday 26 - Wednesday 28 August 2024