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About the Speaker

Mayor Scott was born and raised in the Pilbara, spending his 
childhood in Dampier and the last 14 years in Karratha. He is 
the Director of North West Brewing Company and has served 
as a City of Karratha Councillor for the past 8 years and was 
recently elected as Karratha’s first publicly elected Mayor.
He has a rich background in Economic Development, 
Strategic Planning, and Community Engagement. Mayor
Scott’s understanding of the Pilbara's unique landscape is 
enhanced by his appreciation for its potential in driving 
economic prosperity and diversification, and his commitment 
to the Pilbara community is shown through his active 
involvement in local initiatives, highlighting his communityfocused mindset. 
Mayor Scott’s vision for the Pilbara includes its economic 
transformation and the enhancement of its liveability and 
sustainability, promising a future where the region is 
recognised for its dynamic, diversified economy and vibrant 
community life