The 2018 Developing Northern Australia Conference is almost here again and will this year be held at Alice Springs Convention Centre over Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 June. 

Dr. Ing. Rebecca Murray, Director- Advanced Manufacturing Alliance at Charles Darwin University joins us at the Conference to discuss ‘World-first metal 3D printing technology open for business in Darwin’.


A world’s first 3D metal printing technology was developed in Darwin to bring metal manufacturing into the digital age. It has changed what is possible to be created with metal 3D printing. Prior technologies are fine-featured, made from exotic and expensive metal powders, and are produced slowly. SPEE3D’s technology is 100-1000 times faster and produces strong parts in aluminium and copper and in shapes that are commonly used in industry. It is designed to help reduce the large and limiting lead time and infrastructure needed in current metal manufacturing technologies. Now the first commercial form of the technology, a LightSPEE3D printer, is operational on the Casurina campus of Charles Darwin University and located next to the development branch of SPEE3D.

The presentation will first introduce this new technology and will end by discussing innovation as a practice in Northern Australia.

The technology introduction will cover the basic background of the how the technology functions as well as future applications and technology delivery. To bring the concept to life, a case study will be presented to demonstrate real-world advantages.

Innovation as a practice in Northern Australia will be touched on by discussing the substantial benefits as well as some detriments of working in the north. The benefits include strong government support, short travel time to Singapore, and institutional flexibility. Detriments include a shallow talent pool, high costs sometimes derived from poor understanding of services like certification and regulation, and challenges engaging industry sector opportunity. The current initial success of SPEE3D shows that a global tech company can be launched from Darwin. Discussion will be spent on the offshoot and engagement potential created by having this technology in the form of a LightSPEE3D printer, SPEE3D’s development team, a world class university, and strong government support co-located in Northern Australia.


Dr Rebecca Murray is currently working as the director of the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance at CDU to drive industry engagement, VET partnerships, and research on a world-first 3D metal printing technology from SPEE3D. Her background is in both Biomedical Engineering (Dr. Ing, MSc.) and Materials Engineering (BSc) with substantial experience in international collaborations between industry and academia.

For more information on the 2018 Developing Northern Australia Conference and to secure your spot in Alice Springs this June please visit the conference website.