This month, the 2017 Developing Northern Australia Conference is coming to Cairns at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel over 19-20 June.

Mr Peter Long, Mayor of the City of Karratha will be attending to discuss the topic of “Powering the Pilbara: turning a mining town into a renewable energy city”.

Mayor Peter Long

The Pilbara is the energy capital of the nation, the home of a majority of Australia’s Liquefied Natural Gas production. The region’s resource companies are also major energy consumers, relying largely on fossil fuels. As the nation begins to shift away from carbon emitting fuels, the Pilbara needs to look to new energy sources to maintain its position as the key energy producing region and a competitive resource producer on the international market.

The opportunities for Karratha in the renewable and alternative energy sector are exceptional. The City of Karratha has led the way with the nation’s largest off the grid solar energy project providing a third of the power to our airport. While solar seems the obvious choice for the sun drenched Karratha, private industry is also investigating world-leading technologies to support the region’s energy needs.

A renewable hydrogen energy plan is being piloted in the City of Karratha by one of our major resource industry companies. Our position as a major gas processing and production terminal provides great opportunities for us to both export hydrogen and use LNG by-products in solar hydrogen power generation.

Karratha typifies the challenges isolated Northern regions face with energy production, however we are blessed with the natural resources and existing infrastructure to be leaders in renewable and alternative energy technologies. This presentation will show how local governments can lead the way as project proponents, facilitators and advocates to transition towards renewable and sustainable energy, even in an energy hungry region with significant heavy industry.