Some are calling it the Battle for Beetaloo.

Beetaloo is an energy-rich El Dorado, a little known region in the remote Australian outback which, according to miners, can solve Australia’s natural gas problems for the next 30 years if not longer.

Energy poor Asia is also hungry for its hidden riches even if caring even less where or what Beetaloo is.

The Beetaloo basin is home to vast Northern Territory oil and gas rich shale fields, as much as 18,500 square kilometres in extent.

Brittle rocks lay in a thick carpet underground, as far as four kilometres deep but, with modern mining methods, ripe for the plucking.

ON SITE: The Northern Territory’s panel of scientific experts visited a Santos gas well earlier this year. Picture: supplied.
With a total ban on unconventional gas mining in the southern states and the election of an anti-fracking Labor Government in Western Australia, enormous pressure has been brought to bear on the new Labor NT Government.

Australia badly needs more natural gas, both for export and for domestic use, households and factories are still hooked on burning fossil fuels. The massive three export terminals in Gladstone, Queensland appear to be sucking the nation dry meeting the needs of their Asian customers.

Prices are rising and gas production is falling.

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