Police are urging wandering tourists and locals to download the Emergency+ app, as the dry season gets into full swing and more people venture out.

download emergency app terrirorians
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The app uses the GPS built into smart phones to help a triple-0 caller provide critical location details required to mobilise emergency services.

Superintendent Brendan Muldoon said the app could be a lifesaver.

“The app was established several years ago to assist emergency callers to provide their locations to police, fire and ambulance,” he said.

Often people would call emergency services and give a broad location, like the Stuart Hwy, which runs from Darwin to Adelaide.

“You open up the app and on the screen, it’ll have your exact GPS coordinates, which you can send directly to the call taker and they will enter that into the computer dispatch system, which will give emergency services your exact location,” he said.

The app has been available for several years but as more tourists hit the road during the Dry, police want to spread the word.

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