PHOTO: The company has bought a rice mill in northern Australia in an effort to grow more rice in Australia. (Laurissa Smith)

Australia’s largest rice processor has completed a multi-million-dollar move into northern Australia.

SunRice’s $4.5 million purchase of the Blue Ribbon Group’s rice mill and assets in the Burdekin region near Townsville has just been given approval by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

CEO Rob Gordon says the company wants more Australian grown rice and Northern Australia has the water to do it.

“We see the potential, particularly given the water security in that part of the world to grow a more substantial industry,” he said.

 “It (the Burdekin Region) only produces a few thousand tonnes per year whereas, in the Riverin,a we produce upwards of a million tonnes a year.”

Read the full story by Warwick Long, ABC Rural, 12 November 2014.