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Gold Sponsor | Forum Partner

Cairns Regional Council plays a fundamental role in planning and providing for the Cairns community.  We deliver more than 400 services and functions to a population of over 150,000 across an area of nearly 1700km2 from Bramston Beach to Palm Cove.

Cairns offers world-class education, health and leisure facilities and is now home to residents from more than 47 nations attracted by the city’s vibrant culture and relaxed tropical lifestyle.

With the mission of “providing for today, preparing for tomorrow”, Cairns Regional Council delivers a myriad of programs and services designed to promote the wellbeing of residents, the environment and the local economy.  In addressing the challenges of population growth, climate change, environmental management, economic development and social wellbeing, Council strives to create a sustainable, secure and vibrant future for our community.

We work with the Australian and Queensland governments, peak industry bodies and other key stakeholders to diversify our regional economy and maximise our opportunities, with particular emphasis on tourism, marine, defence, aviation, international education, agriculture, mining, tropical expertise, retailing, tertiary education, and sports tourism.

Gold Sponsor

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science works to enable growth and productivity for globally competitive industries. This event is sponsored by the department through the Office of Northern Australia.

The Office of Northern Australia provides advice to government on northern Australia issues, engages with stakeholders across the north and coordinates, drives and reports on implementation of the Northern Australia White Paper. From its headquarters in Darwin, the Office of Northern Australia provides the expertise and networks to assist the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia to influence and implement government priorities.

The Northern Australia White Paper sets out key policies and initiatives to drive growth in the north through six focus areas:

  • investment in infrastructure to lower costs for businesses and households
  • enhanced air, land and sea transport links to, from and within the north
  • the better use of water and land resources
  • a welcoming investment environment
  • a skilled workforce that meets the growing needs of the north
  • improved governance and reduced regulatory burden.

Further information on the Office and the northern Australia agenda is available at www.northernaustralia.gov.au.

Gold Sponsor

Northern Australia Development Office (NADO) is an office and meeting space designed as hubs to support industry, investors and the private sector interested in doing high level business in Northern Australia. They feature executive facilities for high level strategic meetings for industry, investors, private sector and government.

NADO is a hub for business and industry involved in progressing development across Northern Australia. A number of key industry associations and Australian Government agencies including the Office of Northern Australia and Major Projects Approval Agency are co-located in the offices. Under the leadership of the Department of the Chief Minister, NADO is leading the broader Northern Australia agenda.

W: https://northernaustralia.nt.gov.au/

Gold Sponsor

The Queensland Government is proud to support the Developing Northern Australia Conference 2017 as a Gold Sponsor and welcomes delegates to beautiful Cairns.

The Queensland Government believes a strong, resilient and thriving North Queensland is critical to Queensland’s economy, and has developed the Advancing North Queensland plan for the region. This plan outlines actions to create jobs, stimulate the local economy and build on the area’s natural advantages. The North Queensland region offers a growing number of exciting industry and investment opportunities in the areas of biofutures, renewable energy, tropical science (including marine sciences), tourism, agriculture and mining, and minerals processing.

The government is also delivering essential infrastructure to support the north’s development. This includes a $140 million investment towards the North Queensland Stadium in Townsville and $300 million from the State Infrastructure Fund for critical road and rail upgrades. These projects are on top of a $3.9 billion investment in North Queensland’s roads through the Queensland Transport and Road Investment Program.

Silver Sponsor

CQUniversity Australia

CQUniversity Australia is a leader delivering new approaches to northern agriculture, health service delivery and Indigenous engagement. CQUniversity’s agriculture research program is built on a unique power of place, allowing researchers to work closely with primary producers in tropical and subtropical regions including Bundaberg (Australia’s largest vegetable producing region) and Rockhampton (Australia’s beef capital). Through its Institute for Future Farming Systems, CQUniversity is making a major contribution to the development of agriculture in northern Australia with industry-focussed research in the fields of precision livestock management, precision horticulture, and non-invasive agricultural assessment technology. In the area of health, CQUniversity’s Appleton Institute combines excellence in research, teaching and community engagement across a range of scientific areas including safety science, sleep and biological rhythms, applied psychology, occupational health and safety, human factors, risk management, cultural anthropology and immigration. CQUniversity’s Office of Indigenous Engagement provides teaching, research and support activities to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. In addition to teaching enabling, undergraduate and post graduate courses that increase knowledge and understanding of the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the issues affecting them in contemporary society, the Office of Indigenous Engagement provides support to other Schools within CQUniversity to increase their accessibility to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Silver Sponsor

Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University (CDU) in the Northern Territory is a young institution that already has achieved world rankings for the impact of its research.  Times Higher Education ranks CDU in the top 2% of universities in the world and in the top 50 universities under 50 years old. The university has 11 campuses and centres located throughout the Northern Territory, and in Sydney and Melbourne.

The largest campus is in the culturally rich city of Darwin. Because of the university’s geographic location on the southern rim of Asia, it has a fundamental interest in South-East Asia, Northern Australia, and in Indigenous Australia.

More than 23,000 students study on CDU’s campuses and online in a variety of disciplines including engineering and information technology, the environment, health, psychological and clinical sciences, business, creative arts and humanities, education and law.

The university’s expansion into Sydney and Melbourne has enabled it to grow international enrolments. It also has grown its market share in India and Nepal, expanded to Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Keynote Speaker Sponsor

Mr Joe Morrison, CEO, Northern Land Council

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) is Australia’s premier tropical marine research agency.  AIMS plays a pivotal role in providing large-scale, long-term and world-class research that has a critical role in assisting Government, marine industries, indigenous groups and the wider community to make informed decisions about the management of Australia’s marine estate.

Australia’s marine science capability is essential for meeting the challenges that face our marine estate, particularly as our ‘blue economy’ grows.  These complex challenges require a comprehensive approach and broad scale capability which AIMS is uniquely placed to deliver on.

AIMS reputation as a global leader in tropical marine research has been built on forty years of developing research and a comprehensive understanding of the biodiversity, function and growth of Australia’s tropical marine estate, environmental management, and protection and sustainable use of its unique ecosystems now and into the future.

Our scientists are on the ground and in the water, collecting information from over 50% of Australia’s continental marine estate.  We are in our labs in Townsville, Darwin and Perth, analysing data and pushing the boundaries of tropical marine science.  And we are in meeting rooms and boardrooms, working with environmental managers, educators, regulators, policy makers and industry operators to translate this knowledge into management tools, infrastructure, development approaches and regulatory regimes.

Silver Sponsor

James Cook University

James Cook University is one of the world’s leading institutions focusing on the tropics. Ranked in the top two percent of the world’s tertiary institutions by the respected Academic Ranking of World Universities, James Cook University is dedicated to creating a brighter future for life in the tropics world-wide, through graduates and discoveries that make a difference.

The University conducts nationally significant and internationally recognised research in areas such as marine sciences, biodiversity, tropical ecology and environments, global warming, tourism, and tropical medicine and public health care in under-served populations.

JCU recognises its special obligation to be relevant to the region and has forged close links into the economy and social fabric of Northern Australia. JCU is dedicated to ensuring that it’s teaching, learning and research is of high quality, and that it delivers practical benefits to the peoples and industries of the region.

Silver Sponsor

Rockhampton Regional Council

Situated on the Tropic of Capricorn, the Rockhampton region is the provincial capital of Central Queensland and offers a diversity of lifestyle options from rural to vibrant city living, with the best tropical climate Queensland has to offer.

The local authority includes three main urban centres being Rockhampton, Gracemere and Mount Morgan and the smaller townships of Bajool, Bouldercombe, Kabra, Marmor, Stanwell, Gogango and Westwood located with a predominately rural landscape.
Rockhampton functions as the major service centre for business and employment, and the smaller townships provide an opportunity for people to live a productive and sustainable rural lifestyle, but with easy access to the services of the larger urban centres.

Known for its relaxed lifestyle, outdoor living and natural beauty, the Rockhampton Region is home to approximately 83,653 mostly located in the urban areas, with a forecast growth rate of 1.1% per annum over the next 20 years.

In order to sustain such a population, the Region offers varied employment opportunities, with healthcare and social assistance representing the highest share of jobs. The Rockhampton Region is transforming into a major economic and lifestyle hub for the broader Central Queensland Region, and makes a vital contribution to the growth of the Central Queensland, Queensland and Australian economies, with approximately $5.014 billion gross regional product as at 30 June 2015.

Major features of the Region include the Rockhampton Airport, CQUniversity, Stanwell Power Station, Gracemere Saleyards, Dreamtime Cultural Centre, major Stockland shopping centre, Rockhampton Central Business District, Rockhampton Heritage Village, Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, Fitzroy River, national parks, Gracemere Industrial Area and Mount Morgan.

The reliable water supply provided by the Fitzroy River (Australia’s second largest catchment) supports current and future economic opportunities and lifestyle. The Fitzroy River is a dominant natural feature for the Region, as it moves from expansive areas of productive pastoral and agricultural land in the west through to the Fitzroy River delta in the east. The diversity of landscapes, lifestyles, economic opportunities and communities contribute to this Region being one of the most diverse in all of Queensland.

The individual characteristics of the 60 localities and suburbs have shaped the unique character of the Rockhampton Region.

Bronze Sponsor

Northern Regional Development Australia Alliance (NRDAA)

The Northern Regional Development Australia Alliance (NRDAA) comprises eight RDAs across Northern Australia, from the Gascoyne to Gladstone. The NRDAA supports policies and prioritizes investment opportunities to ensure the sustainable development of Northern Australia. We have been providing strategic input on issues affecting economic development across the north including delivery of initiatives under the Northern Australia White Paper.

Welcome Reception & Podcast Sponsor

In December 2015, the Queensland Government announced its intention to merge government-owned electricity companies, Ergon Energy and Energex.

On 1 July 2016, the parent company Energy Queensland was created. The combined business not only includes the two electricity distributors, but also Ergon Retail, the businesses’ ICT provider SPARQ Solutions, and a new energy services business.

The establishment of Energy Queensland has created the largest electricity distribution business in Australia, with more than $24 billion in assets. The driving force behind the merger is to make the electricity sector more efficient and to create an energy business ready for the future.

The creation of Energy Queensland delivers a customer-focused business, providing savings and giving customers greater choice and control over their energy use. With the headquarters in Townsville, the energy services business will build on existing partnerships and establish new partner relationships to deliver products and services to customers.