148037outbackroadsignThe Australian Government is investing in community and infrastructure projects that will drive strong economic benefits and improve local quality of life.  The 2014–15 Budget provides for an unprecedented lift in investment in infrastructure throughout Australia,and particularly in our regions.

Other regional infrastructure investments include

The $1 billion National Stronger Regions Fund, starting in 2015–16, will invest in small-scale infrastructure projects at a local level to create economic development opportunities for people living in regional areas.

The Roads to Recovery (R2R) Programme supports maintenance of the nation’s local road infrastructure asset, which facilitates greater access for Australians and improved safety, economic and social outcomes. The $350 million additional funding for the R2R Programme in the Budget comes on top of the Australian Government’s earlier commitment of $2.1 billion being provided to the programme from 2013–14 to 2018–19, of this 75 per cent will be provided to local councils in rural and regional areas.

The $200 million additional funding for the Black Spot Programme comes on top of the Australian Government’s earlier commitment of
$364.5 million being provided to the programme from 2013–14 to 2018–19. The Black Spot Programme makes an important contribution to
reducing the national road toll under the National Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan.

Through the $300 million Bridges Renewal Programme, the Australian Government will upgrade our nation’s deteriorating bridges. These upgrades will improve safety, productivity and community access.

The new $229 million National Highway Upgrade Programme will provide funding for improvements to Australia’s key highway networks.
The $314 million Community Development Grants Fund is supporting key infrastructure to strengthen local and regional economies. This programme will benefit communities in the long term, and will also create jobs during construction.

The Budget also provides for $248 million to continue the Heavy Vehicle Safety Productivity Package.

This package delivers projects around Australia aimed at improving safety and productivity of the heavy vehicle industry through the construction of rest areas, parking and decoupling bays, technology trials and road enhancements.

The initiative is welcomed by the Committee of the Developing Northern Australia Conference to be held in Townsville from the 20th to the  22  of July 2015.

The Australian Government to Invest in Regional Infrastructure…