Head to the Developing Northern Australia Conference 2017 at Pullman Cairns International from 19-20th June.

Ms Priscilla Radice, Asia Pacific Ports Business Leader for Arup will be joining us to discuss “Progressing tourism and urban redevelopment in waterfront cities – six success factors”.

Around the world, city regeneration is being triggered by the changing use of ports and waterfront areas.  Traditionally ports and cities have had a symbiotic relationship.  Where ports develop, so too does the city and the relationship can shift into conflict over access to waterfront land and which economic activities get priority.

Priscilla Radice

Now, in the 21st century, case studies show that as the world continues to develop towards experienced-based economies, city waterfronts are changing to meet the needs of residents moving back into these areas as well as tourists searching for authentic experiences.

Waterfront space and amenities are becoming critical competitive assets for cities as a means to attract population and visitors, and promote liveability, but so too our Ports sit at the centre of importing and exporting in this country and enable economic growth. Balancing these priorities is particularly relevant today as the demand for leisure based waterfront experiences and developments grows.

The opportunity an iconic waterfront can bring is an increasing competitive advantage through waterfront brand and marketing. This is particularly relevant for Northern Australian port towns. Cairns, for example, has seen major waterfront redevelopment and is currently finding tourism numbers growing month by month, with cruise liner visitation increasing to over 1 per week on average throughout 2016.

But with this change of waterfront use comes challenges of capacity and redevelopment to suit the growing pains.

Join Priscilla Radice, the Asia Pacific Ports Business Leader for the multi-disciplinary firm Arup, global leaders in designing and redesigning urban developments, to hear about how Northern Australian port cities can continue to use their natural advantages to drive sustainable growth and investment in their economies.

Priscilla will look at the six fundamental success factors for progressing tourism and urban redevelopment that can be seen in iconic waterfront cities around the world.

She will investigate where the port cities of northern Australia sit in relation to these success factors and how these cities can further take advantage of their distinct and unique characters to add value to their economies and add opportunity and delight for their people and visitors.