Prof Ryan Daniel, Professor of Creative Arts and Industries at James Cook University to present on economic development through creative industries at the Developing Northern Australia Conference 20-22 July at Rydges Southbank Townsville.

The Association for Sustainability in Business Inc will host the Developing Northern Australia Conference to ensure Business, Academics, NGOs, Community Groups and all tiers of Government have the opportunity to address topics that are relevant to the future plans of Northern Australia.

Prof Ryan Daniel
Prof Ryan Daniel

Presentation Title: Regional economic development through creative industries: Townsville as a key centre for the northern Australia vision
Co-Author/s: A/Prof Katja Fleischmann, Mr Simon Millcock, Dr Riccardo Welters

Overview: Creative industries continue to be recognized as a key contributor to economic growth, given they can be developed without investment in major infrastructure projects that other industries require (e.g. agriculture, resources). In addition to recognizing the importance of creative industries, the current Australian government has recently renewed a focus on the vast northern tropical area of the country as key to future economic and population growth.

Townsville, North Queensland, the most populated provincial city of northern Australia, will be key to the new vision. With Townsville as the first site for the roll out of the NBN, connectivity is now an enabler for the growth of creativity and innovation; hence creative industries are well placed to benefit from this new infrastructure.

A recent study of Townsville’s creative industries however reveals that key sub-sectors of this area of economic activity are in fact in decline (e.g. creative arts, photography, design, fashion, architecture). Therefore, the key aim of this current phase of research, involving a partnership between Townsville City Council and James Cook University, is to provide a detailed analysis of the current supply of creative industries in the city of Townsville. Using recently obtained survey data, this paper provides direct insights into the various employments, job creation and business development issues that creative industries practitioners currently face and which both enable and hamper growth of the sector.

The findings reveal a number of insights of relevance to civic leaders in North Queensland, as well as those more broadly responsible for the development of regional economies in the north of the country, in terms of the potential for creative industries to play a distinctive and significant contribution to future population and economic growth.


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