The 2017 Developing Northern Australia Conference will be held next month at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel over 19-20 June.

Mr Chris Adams, CEO, City of Karratha joins us in Cairns to discuss The infrastructure mix: planning the right balance of economic, industrial and community infrastructure’.

Chris Adams
Mr Chris Adams, CEO, City of Karratha.

The Pilbara region has been through a wild ride.  Hundreds of millions of dollars of private sector and government investment has been spent in record time to exponentially grow exports out of this thriving piece of Northern Australia.  The construction boom has gone, but production is in full swing and the spirit of innovation is seeing new opportunities open up.

As construction phase of the mining boom wound down, government decision needed to reassess it the regions infrastructure priorities. Developing ‘catch up’ infrastructure was no longer the order of the day.  Community infrastructure to create liveable cities and thriving communities remains a priority, however as the region plans for the next phase in its development there is a need to choose new infrastructure that will unlock new economic opportunities for our region and facilitate the next stages of growth in this vitally important region. With money being tighter, the need for well targeted infrastructure investment has never been greater.

The City of Karratha is preparing for its next phase of development, trying to achieve the right balance between finishing our community infrastructure program, supporting and enhancing our existing industries as well as creating new opportunities through new enabling infrastructure.  From new roads to the NBN, tourism facilities to community basics, getting the right mix has never been more important than in this post-boom environment.

Karratha’s key infrastructure priorities have shifted with the times and are continuing to change to meet the current climate. As we look to attract new investment, retain human capital in our region and expand our economic base, the infrastructure investments of the past five years are paying off and the needs of the future are becoming clearer.

Chris Adams will take you through Karratha’s infrastructure journey from planning to reality – looking at how priorities were determined, which projects have had the biggest impact and what still needs to be done to leverage the massive opportunities that abound in this growing northern Australian City.

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