In 2017 the Developing Northern Australia Conference will be held at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel over 19-20 June.

Mr Colin Slattery, Director General at the Department of Lands joins us in June to discuss ‘Optimising Crown Land in Western Australia’.

Vast amounts of Western Australia are underutilised creating opportunity for economic, community and sustainable development while protecting the environment for future generations.  The WA Department of Lands believes there is great benefit for all levels of government having a consistent message in how to optimise the opportunity for social, cultural, environmental and economic development of northern Australia.

Mr Colin Slattery

Who Should Attend?

With such wide ranging consequences for Australia, the Conference will appeal to all who are forward thinking and support a resilient Australia. In particular:

  • Federal Government inter-agency representatives
  • State Government representatives from QLD, WA and NT
  • Local Government representatives including CEO, General Managers, Mayors and Elected Officials
  • Economic and Community Development Managers and Groups
  • Sustainability and Environment Groups
  • Organisations representing indigenous affairs
  • Town Planners, Architects, Builders, Project Managers and Engineers
  • Chamber of Commerce, RDA and Economic Development Groups
  • Banking, Finance and others interested in Economic Development
  • Academics and Researchers, Education Bodies with representation in Northern Australia
  • Local Business Owners and Managers
  • Resource Sector, Tourism Operators and Agricultural bodies
  • Northern Australia Special Interest Groups

For more information on the 2017 Developing Northern Australia Conference and to secure your spot, please visit