Join us at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel on the 19th-20th June for the Developing Northern Australia Conference.

Professor Allan Dale, Chair of RDA FNQ&TS will be attending this year’s conference to discuss “Northern Regional Development Australia Alliance – collaboration delivers”.

The Northern Regional Development Australia Alliance (NRDAA) is a collective of eight RDA’s whose regions make up the footprint of Northern Australia.

Allan Dale

The need for more effective consultation and collaboration across Northern Australia has been acknowledged in recent years.  It was highlighted, for example, by the Northern Australia Land and Water Taskforce in their 2010 report:

The north has a wealth of opportunities. However, strong leadership and strategic focus on the region, east to west, is required to build a shared vision and establish a national path for development that is genuinely sustainable.

As a representative and advisory body which covers the whole of Northern Australia, we believe that NRDAA is unique.

The Alliance was initiated to achieve two principle objectives.  The members of the Alliance, in partnership with government and informed by extensive regional networks, provide cross-regional and cross-sectoral input into government policy development and implementation.

The Alliance also undertakes cross-regional projects to drive Northern Australian development.  The potential benefits have already been demonstrated through several NRDAA supported projects.

A cohesive cross-regional approach simplifies and strengthens progress against key Northern Australian economic development outcomes.  The benefits to be gained include:

  • Eight RDA’s, each with established and extensive regional networks, operating collaboratively;
  • A long-term and unified approach;
  • A platform for aligned and coordinated capital investment; and
  • Delivery of economic, social and environmental benefits to regional communities across the north, and in turn to the national econom

Addressing the challenges of developing Northern Australia goes beyond the scope of any single stakeholder; collaboration and community engagement is critical to realising the future potential of the region.

NRDAA works across the three tiers of government and regional NGOs to minimise duplication and maximise regional development outcomes.  No other Northern Australian collective can demonstrate a network as diverse and robust as the NRDAA.