beef_2_300Northern Territory live cattle export numbers hit record highs in 2014 but producers are waiting for new Indonesian quotes

LIVE cattle exports hit record highs in 2014 for both number of live Territory cattle shipped overseas and total number of cattle shipped out of Darwin Port, figures from the Primary Industries Department show.

Pastoralists are now waiting for export quotas to be released for the number of cattle that can be shipped to Indonesia in 2015 – a process that was now being discussed, the Northern Territory Livestock Exports Association interim chief executive officer Tony Eggington said.

There were 324,477 head of Territory cattle shipped in 2014, with 243,978 of them heading to Indonesia.

493,958 head of cattle in total were shipped out of Port Darwin – 282,022 of which went to Indonesia.

The extra cattle were from northern and western Queensland.

There were 134,342 more cattle in total shipped last year than in 2013, and 15,693 more Territory cattle than in 2013.

There was also 41,391 head of Territory cattle shipped to Vietnam, with a total of 64,461 head in total shipped there from Darwin Port, compared to 32,806 head of Territory cattle and 35,396 in total the year before.

Cattle was also shipped to Brunei, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Mr Eggington said the figures were a credit to the northern cattle industry creating a turn around from the dire situation after the Federal Government’s live cattle export bans of 2011 and then the reductions in import quotas from Indonesia that followed.

“There has been an obvious strong demand in animals, and there has been an opening of new markets, though their contribution overall had probably not been as high,” he said.

Read more by David Wood, NT News 8 January 2015


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