The Northern Territory is leading the way for the development of Northern Australia and unlocking the regions potential.

Luke Bowen, General Manager of Northern Australia Development and Trade, spoke about Northern Australia and its capacity to support a more prosperous and secure Australia at the Developing Northern Australia Conference in Cairns.

The Northern Territory Government is focused on unlocking the potential of Northern Australia through investment, trade, business and economic opportunities.

Aboriginal Territorians comprise over 30% of our population and are an important part of the development of Northern Australia and the economic future of the Territory.

The Territory has an abundance of natural resources, a large mining and energy industry and major construction and infrastructure projects underway.

Due to our close proximity to Asia we are well positioned to continue to attract world class major projects and investment.

This conference is an important part of keeping the conversation on Northern Australia front and centre and maintaining the focus on the North’s future in the board rooms, Cabinet rooms and in the public arena across Australia.

Tracey Hayes, CEO of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) was also a keynote speaker at this year’s conference.

“The cattle industry is a shining example of the present opportunities that exist in Northern Australia. The industry in the NT alone has grown its contribution to almost $1 billion in annual value of production.

“The development of Northern Australia is not just about building the NT economy; it is about unlocking the limitless potential right across the northern half of our great continent for the benefit of all Australians.”

“For this reason, the NTCA is dedicated to supporting the Northern Australia agenda, and is confident that with continued support from all stakeholders, this great region of the world can become an integral part of supply chains to our Asian neighbours and beyond.”

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