Patricia O’Callahan, CEO of Townsville Enterprise Limited will present a joint workshop on the Value of Tourism on 22 July 2015 9:00am to 10:30am at the Developing Northern Australia Conference. The Workshop is hosted by the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Townsville Enterprises, Tourism Tropical North Queensland and Northern Territory organisations.

Workshop Title: The Value of Tourism

In a time of significant change, where a focus on diversified economic strategy is at the top of a list of priorities for industry and governments, the tourism industry presents significant opportunities to deliver jobs, economic progress, export revenues and infrastructure development to Northern Australia.

“Tourism is projected to be among the world’s fastest growing industries. Forecasts have it growing at 4% a year from now to 2033 – that is, more than doubling in size over the next two decades. Even better, many of those new travellers will depart from Asia”.

Who should attend

• Tourism and Industry Associations
• Operators
• Government representatives (local, state, federal)
• Indigenous Councils

Intended Outcomes
• Shaping a shared vision for tourism opportunities in a new ‘Northern Australia’

Structure of Workshop

Panel discussion – Themes:

Tourism is diversified and decentralised

The decentralised nature of the tourism industry enables businesses and communities in regional and rural areas to thrive, as the money spent by visitors is widely circulated and re-spent in the economy. This dispersal supports a range of local businesses, local products and local natural attractions as well as the entrepreneurship of individuals. The range of potential visitor markets (international, intrastate, interstate) presents various opportunities in developing tourism in the North Australian, including the regions proximity to Asia.

Tourism is an economic powerhouse

In times of economic fluctuation, the tourism industry has acted as an economic “shock absorber” as services are typically more resilient than goods. Nationally, tourism had grown faster than the total of the economy for the 2012-13 financial years, and outpaced industries such as agriculture and construction. Direct tourism gross domestic product grew 4 per cent during 2012-13, compared to 2 per cent for the economy as a whole (direct gross domestic product).

Tourism protects natural and cultural heritage

Tourism is a long-term economic driver for Queensland, and it remains heavily reliant on the state’s natural assets and cultural heritage to survive, with the Great Barrier Reef one of the state’s most valuable assets. Queensland’s natural, Indigenous and cultural assets underpin the long-term sustainability and competitive advantage of the tourism industry. The tourism industry therefore provides an economic argument for conservation, preservation and restoration of its assets. Indigenous tourism and the involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in mainstream and cultural areas of the tourism industry are a vital part of Queensland’s tourism future.

Community benefits – Tourism is everyone’s business

Tourism contributes positively to community objectives such as economic development, regeneration, rural diversification, conservation, and environmental improvements. The money spend by visitors generates revenue in the local economy for investment in public services such as parks, transport and amenities or for attracting and supporting arts, sport or cultural events.

About the Conference

The Association for Sustainability in Business Inc will host the Developing Northern Australia Conference to ensure Business, Academics, NGOs, Community Groups and all tiers of Government have the opportunity to address topics that are relevant to the future plans of Northern Australia.

Stream topics include:

  • Policy , Research
  • Investment Opportunities – private sector investment
  • Industry – Resources, Tourism, Defence, Agriculture, Business and Innovation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Social Infrastructure – Education and Health
  • Resilience – Disaster Emergency Planning and Social Cohesion
  • Employment and Job Creation – Northern Workforce
  • Natural Resource Management – Water, Land Management, Access and Rights and National Parks
  • Governance and Risk

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