The 2018 Developing Northern Australia Conference is on in less than two weeks at the Alice Springs Convention Centre over Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 June. 

Mr Nigel Browne, CEO, Larrakia Development Corporation joins us at the Conference to discuss ‘Influencing Land Rights, Business and Northern Australia. A Larrakia story.’


Like all First Nations groups, Larrakia are amongst the oldest business people in the world, managing land and sea trade routes that have adapted over the course of millennia. Most importantly, trade that continues to this day.

The establishment of the Larrakia Development Corporation (LDC) in 2002 has provided Larrakia with a vehicle to recapture economic and social prosperity first disrupted over 149 years ago with the arrival of George Goyder. From Larrakia contributions to the fight for Land Rights including the 1972 Larrakia Petition, through to significant land transfers following the settlement of the decades old Kenbi Land Claim in 2016, we have built a solid business base through land holdings and development, residential and commercial building, government contracting and joint ventures in the oil and gas sector. These commercial activities have allowed the LDC, as Trustee, to maintain and grow the Larrakia Development Trust. The purpose and intent of the Trust is designed to advance Larrakia across a number of sectors including health, education and employment.

As with any business the success of the LDC has been tempered by failure. Through lessons learned and following a period of restructure, the company has emerged as a significant contributor to the business community across the Greater Darwin Region, where 56% of the Northern Territory population live, work and play. With exciting land and residential development opportunities emerging, our proposed Larrakia Cultural Centre at the Darwin Waterfront, a vision to evolve Darwin into a true harbour city, continuing work with INPEX and ConocoPhillips to realise Larrakia contract opportunities over the next four decades and the added complexities of an evolving share structure our challenge is to ensure that the LDC stands ready to continuing working for all Larrakia.

In re-establishing business relations with other groups across the Top End, the knowledge and experience of the LDC is also now being shared across Northern Australia. As a member of the Northern Australia Advisory Council and the Northern Australia Indigenous Reference Group LDC CEO Nigel Browne will also give a summary of the initiatives of these bodies as they work to remove barriers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait business in Northern Australia.


Nigel is a Larrakia and Wulna man. He is the current CEO of the LDC after serving as a Director on the board since 2005 and Chair from 2010 to 2013. Nigel studied at Northern Territory University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Laws in 2001. Professional roles include Crown Prosecutor (ODPPNT), Legal Officer (RANR), Solicitor Aboriginal Lands (SFNT), and Policy Adviser (Chief Minister’s Office). Nigel has held positions with the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency, Law Society (NT), Northern Australia Advisory Council and Northern Australia Indigenous Reference Group (Office of Northern Australia), Defence Reserve Support Council (NT/K) and Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee (NTG). In August 2011 Nigel was announced as the National Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year, in recognition of his advocacy, representation, and contribution to Larrakia people. He is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

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