A lack of mobile coverage and poor roads are some of the key reasons tourists don’t come to the Territory, NT tourism officials have said.

But with better infrastructure, the tourism industry could be vastly improved, the federal Parliament’s Northern Australia Committee will be told this week.

tourists to the NT
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The committee has received submissions from Tourism Top End, Kakadu Tourism and the NT Government.

“Infrastructure will play an integral role in the development of Tourism across the NT,” the Tourism Top End submission stated.

“Development should include a mix of public and private investment that enables visitation in shoulder and low seasons to increase.”

According to the submission, improved mobile phone coverage would help.

“Gone are the days where we could say ‘come visit the outback, and leave the phone and stress of everyday life behind’. Full access to telecommunications is essential and expected.

“ … The Northern Territory has too many ‘black-spots’ that are inhibiting engagement and business growth,” the submission stated.

This submission came less than a month after two people were killed in a road crash in Litchfield National Park.

A mobile phone black spot left the friends of those killed unable to call for help.

They were left to wave down passing motorists in a bid to raise the alarm as their friends burned in a fiery wreck.

The submission to the committee also showed only 25 per cent of roads across the NT were bitumen. “A focus on developing our road network to all weather access will benefit the tourism industry, transport and logistics, the cattle industry and link regional towns and indigenous communities enabling economic development and growth,” the submission stated.

This article was originally published by NT News.

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