The 2018 Developing Northern Australia Conference is almost here again, this year the conference will be held at the Alice Springs Convention Centre over 18-19 June 2018. 

Last years’ 2017 Developing Northern Australian Conference in Cairns helped to shape and grow the future of Northern Australia.

Some of the particularly strong messages from the Conference included:

  • The opportunities to think differently about demographic and population issues facing the north;
  • New opportunities for facilitating international investment into the north;
  • A continue need to focus and a triple bottom line approach to development in the northern;
  • A reminder of the importance of small to medium enterprise and the northern development agenda;
  • A refocus on building liveability, particularly through a strong human, health and education services sector;
  • The need for further work on creating a more diversified economy in the north;
  • The continued need to support and Indigenous led development agenda.
Allan Dale, DNA Conference Chair

The Developing Northern Australian Conference helps shape discussion and action and improved approaches in respect to the northern development agenda. There is substantive progress in the north, and some of the real changes and impacts that have emerged since the 2017 Conference have included:

  • The Commonwealth government establishing a strong Indigenous Reference Group to engage Indigenous communities more clearly in the northern development narrative;
  • The Commonwealth establishing the new Collaborative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia;
  • Major Commonwealth, State and NT investment in significant new investments in roads infrastructure;
  • Major new water resource development assessments in all three jurisdictions;
  • Growth in new and innovative economic opportunities (i.e. like ecosystem services);
  • Real progress in major proposals preparing for NAIF investment; and
  • A high profile and successful Investor Conference in Cairns in late 2017 (hosted by Austrade).

More particularly, the Developing Northern Australian Conference is the place where major reform and project ideas emerge and partnerships are established and communicated.

This update was provided by Allan Dale, Professor of Tropical Regional Development and Chair of the Developing Northern Australia Conference.

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