In 2017 the Developing Northern Australia Conference will be held at the Pullman Cairns International Hotel over 19-20 June.

Ms Beth Fitzpatrick, Account Director at Deloitte joins us at the conference this June in Cairns to discuss ‘Immigration. Communities. Regional Australia’.

Over the past 200 years, migrants have played an important role in building communities in regional Australia. From 1945, the role of migrants became one of a need to increase the population and improve Australia’s security. We have seen ‘waves’ of migration with one of the most well-known being due to the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Between 1949 and 1974, there were over 100,000 thousand people working on the scheme from more than 30 countries. There was a sense of community which grew around this Scheme, which at the time was isolated and required major infrastructure to be built including schools and health care facilities.

Ms Beth Fitzpatrick

We live in a very different time now. While Australia continues to attract a high number of migrants we do not see people remaining following the completion of large infrastructure projects. Many of these people are here on a temporary basis and then move onto the next global project.  People wishing to migrate to Australia permanently come for a variety of reasons, our clean environment, better opportunities for their children, good business opportunities and a safe place to live.

This session will examine two very different groups of current migrants. Successful business owners and those who have come to Australia as humanitarian entrants. By exploring these two groups we can already see successful establishment in the regions and the building of communities. How can we continue to utilise these two very different parts of the Australian migration program to build strong communities in regional Australia?

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