Mr Terry Hill, CEO of the Pilbara Development Commission will be discussing “From Pilbara cities to the new Pilbara”.

The Pilbara region of Western Australia is an economic powerhouse for Western Australian and Australia. It is a globally significant mining and energy region with a GDP greater than that of the individual GDP of 127 of the worlds 189 nation states.

Terry Hill

The region has been through a remarkable transformation over the past 6 years, this has been through major resource sector investment and the implementation of the landmark $1.7 billion dollar Pilbara Cities initiative. The region is now home to world class recreation, sporting, community and health facilities. The impact of these investments has been evaluated in a 5 year summary of the initiative.

Pilbara Cities has laid a solid foundation for continued economic growth and with more affordable housing and commercial costs, opportunities for diversification of the regions economy.

The Pilbara Regional Investment Blueprint (The Blueprint) is an aspirational document developed to guide investment and focus into a more diversified economy underpinned by the foundation iron ore and LNG sectors, who are now strongly focussed on driving production.

The Blueprint identifies key pillars for the region including new energy, agriculture, aquaculture, SME’s and tourism. Strategies and being developed and implemented to turn these opportunities into reality.