developing the NTSchools right across the Territory will be repaired and upgraded as part of a $100 million Northern Territory Government ‘Boosting our Economy’ package aimed at providing immediate job opportunities for local small to medium businesses.

Chief Minister Adam Giles said the Boosting our Economy package was designed to provide a short-term cash injection into the Northern Territory economy where it was needed most.

“When the Country Liberals came to office in 2012, we inherited a ‘one shot in the locker’ economy built around INPEX so we’ve been working hard to diversify the economy,” he said.

“Our Economic Development Strategy details the Government’s priorities to drive future growth opportunities for the Territory in areas like mining, agriculture, energy, tourism, international education, defence, and the supply and services sector.

“While the Northern Territory currently has the lowest unemployment rate in the country and a range of major projects on the horizon, we know from listening to business that some sections of our economy are experiencing slow times.

“The Government’s record $1.5 billion infrastructure spend is opening up more roads, bridges, schools and hospitals to keep the Territory moving ahead, but we want to do even more to help local small to medium businesses.

“We’ve developed this $100 million package of works for projects that can get underway as soon as possible so we can stimulate direct and indirect job creation, and provide opportunities for the local construction sector.

“The projects in the ‘Boosting our Economy’ package are relatively small by design meaning they can be accessed by small businesses and independent subcontractors.

“This is about giving the Territory economy a shot in the arm. It’s about creating more job and business opportunities for Territorians right now.”

Mr Giles said the $100.5 million ‘Boosting our Economy’ package would include:

  • $68.5 million for education projects (including upgrades, repairs and maintenance at government and non-government schools);
  • $15 million for sport and recreation projects;
  • $10 million for a community services project;
  • $5 million for tourism projects; and
  • $2 million for flood mitigation works at Ludmilla Creek.

Mr Giles said significant flood mitigation work had already been carried out at Ludmilla Creek, but the stimulus package would allow additional work to be brought forward. To read more at the NT Government News Room click here.

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