Join us at the 2017 Developing Northern Australia Conference, being held at the Pullman Cairns International over 19 – 20 June.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Land and water
  • Food and agribusiness
  • Forestry
  • Resources and energy
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • International education
  • Healthcare and medical research
  • Infrastructure workforce opportunities
  • Indigenous-led northern development
  • Developing strategic links as the Gateway to Asia

Dr Marcus Barber, Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO joins us in Cairns to discuss ‘Developing Market-Based Indigenous Watershed Conservation for Cape York and the Northern Great Barrier Reef’.

Dr Marcus Barber

The catchments of Eastern Cape York Peninsula (CYP) are increasingly under the control of local Indigenous groups and flow directly into the northern Great Barrier Reef, where there is an intense focus on water quality. This creates an opportunity for developing watershed ecosystem services – a proven conservation product in international markets. A properly constructed local watershed services initiative could enhance the health of the GBR and support Indigenous management capability, cultural integrity, and associated conservation-based livelihoods. We outline key interim outcomes from a scoping study of watershed ecosystem services undertaken with local and regional indigenous partners.

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