Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

On behalf of the Conference Committee, we warmly invite your organisation to support as a partner, sponsor or exhibitor at the Developing Northern Australia Conference.

After four years of successful results, we know this Conference is critical to connecting industry leaders and sharing pivotal information on the strategic direction for the progress, growth and investment above the Tropic of Capricorn.
Each year, the Conference grows in engagement, collaboration and calibre of presentations. 2019 is already projected to surpass an outstanding 2018.

We appreciate your consideration of support for this event and look forward to the opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial partnership, not only for 2019, but well into the future. On behalf of the team, I hope you choose to partner with us as we work together to create the best Conference to date.

Sam Stewart
Chief Executive Officer

2019 Conference Partners

ConferenceDates: 11-12 July 2019


Conference Delegates

Federal Government inter-agency representatives | State Government representatives from QLD, WA and NT | Local Government representatives including CEO, General Managers, Mayors and Elected Officials | Economic and Community Development Managers and Groups | Sustainability and Environment Groups | Organisations representing indigenous affairs | Town Planners, Architects, Builders, Project Managers and Engineers | Chamber of Commerce, RDA and Economic Development Groups | Banking, Finance and others interested in Economic Development | Academics and Researchers, Education Bodies with representation in Northern Australia | Local Business Owners and Managers | Resource Sector, Tourism Operators and Agricultural bodies | Northern Australia Special Interest Groups