tourism NATITourism business based in northern Australia might be interested in the new Northern Australia Tourism Initiative (NATI) that’s designed to support and grow the sector.

The initiative focuses on providing practical advice and tools to help tourism businesses in northern Australia to improve their business, extend their networks by working with other tourism businesses on packaging and marketing and take advantage of growth opportunities in the industry.

The ASBAS Northern Australian Tourism Initiative (NATI) is a competitive, merit based funding round open to Registered Business Organisations (RBOs), with a current physical in northern Australia (i.e. located above the Tropic of Capricorn in either Western Australia or Queensland or in all of the Northern Territory)

NATI Northern Australia Tourism Initiative funding is for RBOs such as:

  • Business Enterprise Centres
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Industry Associations

RBOs applying for funding must be a ‘constitutional corporation’ within the meaning of section 51(xx) of the Australian Constitution and be not-for-profit.

To ensure tourism small businesses – and those thinking about starting a tourism small business – in northern Australia can grow and become internationally competitive, the Australian Government has launched the new ASBAS Northern Australia Tourism Initiative (NATI) round.

The aim of the ASBAS NATI round is to improve the capacity of established, not-for-profit small business advisory service providers to deliver low cost small business advisory and information services to tourism small businesses and tourism small business intenders in northern Australia. Grants up to $200,000 per year (excluding GST) will be awarded, via a competitive, merit-based round, to eligible, established not-for-profit small business advisory service providers over three (3) years (up to $600,000 in total, excluding GST). A total of $4.2 million of funding is available over three (3) years.

The ASBAS NATI round forms part of the Our North, Our Future: White Paper on Developing Northern Australia and contributes to a broad package of initiatives linked to the Office of Northern Australia .

To read more about the ASBAS NATI initiative or to see if your business is eligible to apply click here.

The Developing Northern Australia Conference Above the Line – unleashing the north’s potential will take place at Darwin Convention Centre 20-22 June 2016. To register for the conference CLICK HERE.

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